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GeoThinkTank Quoted in the News

GeoThinkTank LLC is supporting NOAA in partnership with the University of Maryland Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Test Site to evaluate the use of UAS in support of satellite validation of sea ice retrievals.  An article published by the University of Maryland speaking to project testing achievements made in early 2022 quoted the founder & CEO of GeoThinkTank LLC:

“The integration of advanced sensors on small unmanned systems will enable a new wave of scientific capabilities and innovation that is only just beginning,” said Francis Padula, CEO of the company spearheading the testing, GeoThinkTank"

For the full article follow the link below:

Geo Think Tank

GeoThinkTank successfully demonstrated new Unmanned Aircraft System
September 10, 2019

GeoThinkTank LLC successfully demonstrated new Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) hyperspectral data collection in support of NOAA/NASA GOES-R satellite validation support. This effort advances post-launch validation capabilities and will provide new ways to gather new insights into the uncertainties of satellite products. Contact us to find out more about our work supporting this effort at – Contact Us

Geo Think Tank

GeoThinkTank announced the launch of it's first Commercial Product

GeoThinkTank LLC announces the launch of it’s first commercial product - the Nautical Eye mobile app.  Nautical Eye is environmental intelligence. It’s a mobile app for maritime and land applications that provides users with a time-sensitive, comprehensive picture of their environment to inform and aid their decision-making.


We wanted Nautical Eye to help foster a connection to our blue planet in hope that it inspires a greater appreciation, respect, and a passion to explore, enjoy, and protect it. Weather is a fundamental component of our lives, and providing easy access to information enables decision-making and safety.


The Nautical Eye app is available on the:

Apple app store:

Google Play app store:

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