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We Bring Sensors To Life.

About Us

GeoThinkTank LLC is a small technology company located in Miami, FL, but consults worldwide.  GeoThinkTank LLC offers creative solutions, a unique perspective and specialized subject matter expertise ensuring that our clients specific objectives and goals are met, supported and achieved. 

Spacecraft in Orbit

Integrated Space Systems

Our expertise in complex integrated space systems is focused on systems engineering, imaging science, calibration/validation, project management, simulation & modeling, optical engineering, and data analysis. GeoThinkTank LLC has and continues to provide critical subject matter expertise to several US Government environmental satellite programs supporting both NASA/GSFC & NOAA/NESDIS.


Integrated Airborne Systems

Our expertise in complex integrated airborne systems is focused on systems engineering, project management, system design and integration, feasibility demonstration, system optimization, calibration/validation, mission planning, data collection, and data analysis. GeoThinkTank LLC has a diverse portfolio of prior work supporting remote sensing systems integrated on both high-altitude manned aircraft to small unmanned aircraft systems. This broad expertise enables innovation and unique perspective that we have and continue to use in our support of NASA/GSFC, NOAA/NESDIS, and NOAA/Fisheries.


Environmental Intelligence

We know that one of the most fundamental elements of data is having easy access to it. That’s why we developed a custom data engine for on demand access to weather and environmental data to aid and inform decision making for outdoor enthusiasts in the US and surrounding waters. 



Franc P

Conversation with Francis Padula


NOAA Research and Development Vision Areas:

Geo Think Tank NOAA

Developing a UAS-Based Approach for Surveying Northern Fur Seals in Alaska


Consulting Services

Innovation. We strive to provide strategic solutions to our customers by utilizing imaging science, systems engineering, computer science, and geospatial technical consulting services. We specialize in the development and optimization of remote sensing systems and the advancement of their applications to improve our communities, environment, and understanding of the physical world through innovative use of environmental data. This expertise includes imaging systems, systems engineering, project management, mobile app management and development, system of systems architecture and more.


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